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Author's Note:  My examination of Grant Wood’s nineteen lithographs introduced me to a number of individuals who had played critical roles in the final period of his life, from 1937 until his death in 1942. The deeper I dove into their lives, the more I came to understand the factors that motivated Grant Wood to turn to lithography, as well as the detailed process involved in creating, printing, and marketing each one of his works of art. I have included below my book’s table of contents so that you can grasp the breath and depth of this study, designed to enable any reader to come away with a complete picture of the final years of his life and each of Grant Wood’s nineteen lithographs.

I organized, designed and wrote this book with three audiences in mind:  (1.) people who collect and display either Grant Wood’s lithographs or reproductions of any of his works of art;  (2.) academics, curators, and gallery staffs intent on learning more about his nineteen lithographs; and (3.) anyone who has even a passing interest in this great Regionalist artist and his work.

Each chapter is capable of standing alone, being read by itself, much like an essay. If someone is primarily interested, for instance, in immediately researching one particular lithograph, such as "Tree Planting Group" or "In the Spring," they can go directly to that chapter and learn everything there is to know about it. At the same time, someone with a general interest can also start with the introduction to this book and read straight through it, just as you would a biography or a history.

Regardless of your personal approach, I hope you find this book as enjoyable to read as it was for me to research and write.

 Grant Wood:  The 19 Lithographs,

A Catalogue Raisonne'

I.  Background


Biographical Timeline                                                

Grant Wood and the Associated American Artists:  Reeves Lewenthal & Maurice Liederman

Prevalant Themes in the Lithographs                        

II. The Nineteen Lithographs:  History and Interpretation

1.         Tree Planting Group                                         

2.         Seed Time and Harvest     

3.         January                            

4.         Sultry Night      

5.         Honorary Degree                                  

6.         July Fifteenth                  

7.         Shrine Quartet                      

8.        The Midnight Alarm            

9.         Fruits                                                      

10.       Vegetables                     

11.       Tame Flowers                                           

12.       Wild Flowers                

13.       In the Spring                    

14.       Fertility    

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15.       February                                                      

16.       Approaching Storm             

17.       March                                                          

18.       December Afternoon       

19.       Family Doctor                    

Amended Publication Dates for the Nineteen Lithographs                                                                         

III.  Additional Reading

The American Scene:  Regionalism & the Social Realists                            

Lithography, A Brief History                                 

George C. Miller, Lithographer       

Reference Material                       

Final Remarks                                  


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